Jawaban Soal Post-Reading Activity "The Last Leaf" Bahasa Inggris

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 SOAL Post-Reading Activity "The Last Leaf"

  1. The story is based on multiple themes like love, sacrifice, hope, belief and pessimism. Which one do you think is more obvious in the story? Why? Give evidence to support your answer.
  2. Why does Sue call "the last leaf" as Behrman's masterpiece? Do you think it was a masterpiece? 
  3. Were you surprised at the ending of the story? Did you think it would differently? Why?
  4.  Painting the picture on the wall resulted in Mr. Behrman's death. Do you think he would still have painted the leaf if he known that it would result in his death?
  5. If you were in Sue's shoes how would you have reacted to Johnsy's irrational thoughts? Describe
  6. Why do you think Mr. Behrman made such a sacrifice?
  7. What would you have done if you were in Mr. Behrman's place?
  8. What is the greatest sacrifice you have ever made for tour family or friends?
  9. Describe Mr. Behrman's personality based on the story?
  10. Why do you think Johnsy never noticed that the last leaf never fluttered or moved even though it was raining heavily?
JAWAB Post-Reading Activity "The Last Leaf"

  1. "Hope" is the one that i think more obvious in the story. Because in the end of the story the last leaf gave Jhonsy hope. Jhonsy was believed that she will die when the last leaf fall. But,in the fact,the leaf never fall. And it's gave Jhonsy some extra passion to survive.
  2. Because Sue think that it is the leaf that make her friend's "living-desire" returned. And i think it make-sense to call tha last leaf masterpiece.
  3. Yes,I was surprised at the ending of the story. I thought the ending will be like Behrman's will not volunteered to help Sue that asked him to draw a leaf on the window. And Johnsy will passed.
  4. He had known it would result to his death. He said " some day i shall paint my masterpiece, and we shall all go away from here."
  5. I will stay with my friend even though he has an irrational thoughts. Cause we don't know when we will sick or die. We will need someone to take care of us.
  6. Because he believed that he was a special duty to do everything possible to help sue and johnsy, and he believed that his masterpiece could help to make johnsy better from her condition.
  7. If i were mr behrman, i would have done like it. i am old man and i don't have anything to make me usefulness for the others.
  8. The greatest sacrifice i have ever made for my family is: make my parents proud. it's really very hard for me. when my friend asked me to play with them, i should study hard at home. i use my spare time to do something useful, helps my parents, my sisters and do what the best i do.
  9. Behrman is a person who wants others to be happy. Although when for the first time sue told him about Jhonsy's fantasies about the leaf he reacted very badly but to give Jhonsy moral support which can be provided to her by preventing the last leaf from falling he risked his life and painted a picture of the last leaf on the opposite wall in the terrible cold weather. he is a down to earth person and a gem in millions.
  10. Because Johnsy compared her life with number of leaves. when the number of leaves going to decrease the expectation of life also become decreased. when she looked out side she found that the leaf is there, she felt energetic towards life. 
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